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    Issue with saving JPG's


      I have an issue with Photoshop CC that I am hoping is just a setting because at present it is a real PITA.


      I have photos in Lightroom that I have exported in JPG format. I want to bring them into PS and then apply a simple crop to them. I have the option to delete outside the crop area selected.


      Crop works fine but when I try to save I can simply save it as a JPG. Rather PSD comes up as the option. If I select JPEG from the dropdown the "Save as copy" is active and I end up with two images or I have to change the file name.


      Other versions let me open up JPGs, alter them and then save them as JPGs without issue so what is going on here?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Paul.  Can't leave a fellow Kiwi hanging in the wind ;-)


          So long as you have Crop options set to Delete Cropped pixels, and have no layers, paths selections etc. you should be able to aimply use Ctrl/Cmd s to resave the JPG.  What you might need to do if it defaults to PSD for the first image, is use Ctrl/Cmd key while clicking on JPG from the file format options.  After that, I would expect JPG to be the default.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Usually when Photoshop defaults to PSD it means there's something about the document can't be saved in JPEG format - an extra channel (e.g., selection saved) or data beyond the edge of the crop (you've covered that) or the fact that it has a non-Background layer, or something...


            Can you screengrab your environment at the time when it wants to save as PSD (but without the file-save dialog blocking the view)?  Save the image as a PNG or JPEG and post it here via the little camera icon just above the editor box.