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    Best disk set up?


      Sorry you guys may be sick of answering this question but I hope this can be quick. To note I use my PC for video/photo editing and gaming (I can't afford two spearate PCs for this!).

      These are currently the disks I own:

      OS (+essential programmes like CS and a few games): 250GB Samsung SSD

      Programs (that wont benefit from being on a SSD)/Steam Games: 1TB Samsung F3 HDD

      Media (Photos, videos, music, films etc.): 4TB HDD.

      Another 1TB Samsung F3 HDD which used to be the media drive.

      Also got a 1TB external disk as backup.


      So in total I have 4 disks in use (1x250gb SSD, 2x1TB HDD, 1x4TB HDD). I'ld like to know which would be the best way to set them up for optimal performance in Premiere and Photoshop??


      Thanks a million!!


      EDIT: Ok i did some reading around so what do you guys think of this set up?

      250GB SSD: OS + Essential programmes (CS installed here)

      1TB HDD: Other programmes/Steam Games + Pagefile/Media Cache/Scratch disk

      1TB HDD: Projects, Media

      4TB HDD: Previes, Export + media storage (music, films etc.)