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    responsive layout via .oam fie into dreamweaver cc

    bobba1 Level 1



      I am trying to insert a responsive layout edge animate composition into a webpage created in the latest version of dreamweaver cc.


      When I create the responsive layout in edge animate and preview it in a browser, the responsive layout works properly - by stretching or shrinking the image iin question
      (http:// de=preview)


      However, when I publish the composition as a .oam file and insert it into my dreamweaver page (using insert -> media -> edge animate composition) -- it shows up but the layout is no longer responsive. the image remains static in terms of it's dimensions and does not respond to resizing of the browser. (http://packexplorer.com/edgetest.php).


      I am testing in chrome - but same results in ie and firefox.


      Am I missign something? Does edge animate's responsive not work when deployed as a .oam file into a dreamweaver cc page?