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    set the width of a member

    wfzen Level 1

      I need to put dynamic text into field of a width I define so I can find the height it requires. I can read the width but I can't set the width using the one below.

      member("member name").width = 123

      If I can set widht of the field sprite using sprite(1).width = 123, but it does not actually change the member's width. The text is still aligned based on the width you set in properties.


      Is there a way to change the width of a member?





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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          So you tried

          sprite(1).member.width = 123

          and it doesn't work?


          What does

          put sprite(1).member.type

          report when executed from your message window with the playhead in the span of the sprite in question?

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            wfzen Level 1

            Thank you, Sean.

            Error message:

            sprite(1).member.width = 123 => Script error: Cannot set this properites


            put sprite(1).member.type => #field


            I just found if I use Text member, width is controllable while field member is not controllable. Thanks for the hint. I will change them to text.