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    Rendering issue for combined font (Japanese & English ) in PDF using cfdocument

    Justin John

      Hi Guys,


      I am really feeling bad to update about the Adobe's PDF issue as the issue still exists.


      I fiddled around a bit and googled a lot for getting a solution for Rendering issue for combined font (Japanese & English ) in PDF using cfdocument and I found that not all fonts in PDFs Support all possible glyphs (Japanese/Chinese characters).


      I have found so many issues with the PDF which is created using CFdocument and it seems <cfdocument> ain't that good at doing PDFs, unfortunately. Odd, given who owns both ColdFusion and Acrobat. That is why I am updating this post as it have no reply even it have above 150 views.


      Also you can check the below links for confirming the issues of PDF,



      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20609633/rendering-issue-for-combined-font-japanese-eng lish-in-pdf-using-cfdocument

      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20971502/cfdocument-pdf-text-wrapping-fails-for-html-co ntent



      Word-wrapping issue of PDF for Japanese & English content


      Facing issues on Rendering HTML content (both English And Japanese embedded with html- CMS content) in cfdocument. The fonts are coming up correctly, but they are being stretched (word wraps not working) and taking up extra space. Hence breaking the design in the pdf file. I have tried using wrap, but as mentioned in this thread, I found that it operates on a string, not a fragment of HTML. So this will be an inappropriate tool for solving the issue.

      I have also tried with CSS by putting the text within div tag/ table td/ span tags, and applying the style width, word-wrap properties. But all above cases fails for me when used with <cfdocument format="pdf">


      For refernce You can check the code in link below






      Having big trouble with "Combined Fonts" (Japanese & English). I have to create pdf document from html content which is shown in my website. For that I have used cfdocument and implemented the pdf from the html content. But my content includes both Japanese & English content and which is appear in a different font in the created pdf than what is on my website. The issue occured only in the case of combined Japanese & English section.


      The requirement is, For English content, the font should be Verdana. I have implemented the same with korian, Chinese, french and its working. For outputting the special characters, I have added <cfprocessingDirective pageEncoding="utf-8"> above the code. But I still get weird font for the combined content of both English and Japanese.


      For refernce You can check the code in link below




      According to the above things and research on regarding this, I just found that there is an issue with Acrobat PDF which is creating using CFdocument for the case of Japanese input.


      If I am wrong, Anyone else know what else might be contributing to this? If you want to mess around with the code to see what you can come up with, it's on below link: