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    Table Transparency Effect


      Is there anyway to set one effect transparceny for the actual table and a different % for the text contained within the table?

      Please advise

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          P4L Design Team

          What if you went to Table-Cell Options-Strokes and Fills? There's an option to change the % of the tint on the strokes and/or fills which will only change the transparency of the lines in the table. Then you could just use the text transparency for any data in the table.

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            chris.howard Level 1

            Sorry I should of clarified, the table is to go on a photo bacjground so a tint will only lighten the colour not make it transpartent like I need and when I add it as an effect it adds it to the table and the text contained within it which I dont want. I wanted the table transparency at say %40 but keep the text contained within it at %100 within having to take the text out and have it in it's own separate text box.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Chris – to get the geometrics of the one table (transparency set) in sync with the text, you could align two tables in their separate text frames.


              The one with transparency and another one with the text visible layered on top. Center aligned in x and y direction.


              Both would contain the same text with formatting. The trick here would be setting the fill color of the text in the table stacked in the back with fill color "None".


              See this screenshot, where some text is selected (fill color "None") in the second cell of the first row:




              At the left from top to bottom:
              Table 1: visible text and cells filled with colors (transparency 100%)

              Table 2: invisible text, cellss filled like the table above

              Table 3: visible text, cells fill and stroke set to color "None"


              At the right three stacked objects:


              Foreground: Table 3
              Middle: Table 2 set to transparency 60%

              (table 3 and 2 center aligned in x any direction)


              Background: placed image


              Now, if you have to change the contents of a cell of the table in foreground and you want to change the geometry of the background automatically, you have to change the contents in both tables.







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                chris.howard Level 1

                Thanks for that, that is a good work around but for the current project and size of the project with a lot of tables to be created and edited I am trying to find a way if you can do it without having separated tables and layering them on top of one another


                Ideally I want one table with finding the option (if one exists) to have the transparency of the text contained within to the table different. More I research online I just do not think there is an option as yet not sure if there is in the new CC.



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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  @Chris – I fear, it's not possible what you want to do…
                  Sigh. And the functionality with tables did not change in a couple of years.


                  Transparency tied to color definitions (and not only to objects on pages) is on the wishlist for some years now, but building swatches in RGBa or CMYKa (amongst others) is still no option in InDesign.