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    Video in Director

    rafa@mediatech Level 1
      Hi everyone:
      I was wondering, how does Adobe make those videos they have on their homepage banner. They are high quality videos, and load super fast. I wold like to integrate more of my video into Director, but I am afraid I always run into my files sizes are too big, or the quality of the video is not that great because I have to use mpg1 compression. If I can get my videos to be compressed to swf, and stay the same quality as the banner adds, it would be awesome!

      Any ideas?

      Thank you!
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          rafa@mediatech Level 1
          I forgot to mention, the project would be running from a CD, not the web, once I publish the final product.

          Thank you.
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            If you have access to Flash, you can convert the video to flv which
            tends to have very good quality. Make a swf with that flv file and pull
            that into Director. That works very well.
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              tdriley Level 1
              Welcome to the world of digital video! There is always a quality/size/bitrate/compatibility trade-off. There's no way to just make a video that is high-quality, small filesize and works on all computers... um.. although flash video is pretty close!

              Sounds like you can do what you want to with Flash Video Encoder, as Mike said. But you won't be able to export that as a SWF. The video file will be an FLV. You need to make a SWF in flash that pulls in the FLV. You can then import that SWF to the director cast for delivery.

              Hope that helps :)
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                thismarty Level 1
                On this subject, is there an easy/reliable way to make an FLV embedded in a Director project go full-screen, without using third-party Xtras?
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                  Set the sprite to the size of the monitor:

                  sprite(swfSprite).rect=the desktopRectList[1]
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                    thismarty Level 1
                    I'd also have to reposition the sprite to (0,0), right?

                    I'm thinking that can be dicey though, since I might lose the aspect of the video (i.e. with a wide-screen video on a full-screen monitor).

                    I was hoping there was a one-click or one-call solution, as with Xtras like MediaPlay.

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                      Yeah. You'd really have to get the aspect ratio of the movie then the
                      height/width of the monitor and do some math to get the movie maximum
                      size while maintaining the aspect ratio. You;d also have to adjust the
                      size of the stage. It may be easier to do it in a MIAW over the stage.
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                        rafa@mediatech Level 1
                        Hey everyone, sorry I took so long to check your answers, and thank you for helping me out. Hey Mike, I used the flash video encoder that comes with Flash 8, I selected the video I wanted to convert. The encoder starts to render the video I selected and its done in about 10 min. The original files size is 49mb, when it gets converted to FLV it turns out as 200mb. When I try to play the FLV it just shows a blank screen, even though the file is huge...I get no audio and no video. What am I doing wrong?

                        Thank you!
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                          I'm afraid I do not know what's going on there. I don't use Flash
                          myself. I have used flv files that other people made for me but I
                          haven't used that converter, so I am not sure what is going wrong. I
                          guess you can try using different settings in there or something.