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    Why can't I see c:\users\usname\appldata\roam..when look at users?


      Hi! I am preparing to receive a new lens, a Rokinon 14 2.8, and am trying to install the lens profile in PScc and LR5. Using the Adobe Profile Downloader, I was able to intall the jpg and raw lens profile for this lens in PScc and LR5. I was able to find where these lens profiles were located by opening preferences on LR5 and looking where the presets were stored and went into the camera raw folder and saw downloads and the new lens profiles. I checked that I could pull up a jpeg and raw image in both PScc and LR5 and see the camera lens profiles. What I want to do is edit one of the lens profiles for this lens to make sure it is for raw, and put it into the correct directory. The problem is that I can access the correct directory using LR5 preferences, asking for the profile directory, and scanning the choices until I find camera raw and looking at it, but I can for the life of me find that same directory in " user". I tried playing around with this, and accidentally deleleted the general user directory and had to do a restore to recover it, which worked. What is the deal with this?