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    Cant correctrly import time remapped clips into AE from Premiere project

    galxcom Level 1

      In AE CC ( I am importing a project from Premiere CC 7.2.0 (46). On windows. Using command File-> Import-> Adobe Premiere Pro project.


      Those shots in the premiere, which has different from 100% time stretch are importing in AE not correctely (see the third track from the top on the screenshot). In the imported timeline there are: holes, strange size of imported tracks. And there is no any time remap on the imported tracks.

      If you do Ctrl + C selection in Premiere and stick it through Ctrl + V in the AE timeline - the same garbage - inserted not correctly.




      Who knows where I am wrong in technology?

      And is there possibility to import project with already correctly set time "remaps" from Premiere?

      (import via Dynamic link - not suitable for me cuz i need all tracks)



      Thanks in advance.