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    interactive pdf, pour quality




      I'm making an interactive pdf with a little movie in it.


      When I export to interactive pdf the quality of de movie is terrible.


      I've tried swf and mp4 files. The export settings are put on no compression, 300dpi.


      When I preview the imported file in a browser, it lookes perfect, but when I export to pdf it lookes terrible.


      I'm using CS6, Acrobat 10.1.8


      I hope somebody can help.

      Many thanks,


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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you're viewing the video within the PDF page, bear in mind that it will always be scaled - and the realtime scaling used by Flash Player is certainly not high qualty. PDF pages are measured in physical units, so setting the view to "100%" does NOT mean the video pixels match your screen pixels. Increasing the video's bitrate or quality won't affect the losses caused by the scaling process.


          You have two options - either set the video to open in a floating window and define the size to match your footage, or use a custom video playback widget that sets the scale mode differently ( such as http://bit.ly/UVSARVPX ).

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            Chutney1811 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer, but it didn't help. It lookes the same when I export to pdf.



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              Chutney1811 Level 1

              Does anybody has an idea?

              I've tried .mov, mp4, flv, fla, but it still lookes horrible. (Today is my deadline :-0 )


              How do other people do this? For example te Tudors pdf lookes beautifull, but I cannot find anywhere how this is made?

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                I edit my raw HD video file in Windows Movie maker and save it as H.264.MP4. Then I run it through Adobe Media Encoder to a .f4V file.


                I place just a tiny frame to hold the video in the top left of the page (anything too big and it will look terrible if used on an iPad as there's very little to see interactive pdfs on ipads to this date).


                Open Media window and select no poster, controller tick to show SkinOverAll and at the bottom right corner click the middle options for exporting interactive pdfs and tick play in floating windw, Max and centre will be greyed out.


                This will be your best option. the video will play when the user clicks the page, in its own floating window. the user can enlarge the floating window. In fact they will have to enlarge it because I do not believe Adobe has programmed this function adequately. It should come up in MAX size to fit within your page boundary.


                I feel your pain. I've just started a thread on a similar issue regarding interactive floating windows.


                Best of luck with your work! I hope this helps you out today for your deadline. Its a pity someone from Adobe can not provide proper assistance to you.

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                  Chutney1811 Level 1

                  Thanks for your answer, but it is not supposed to be in a floating window. It is has to be on the page as part of the design, it is more like a animation.

                  I just talked to costumers service and they were not able to help me, but they will look in to it and call me back.

                  If there is a solution I will put the answer here.


                  Thanks again and a happy new year!