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    web photo gallery


      I just upgraded to Ps CC and bridge. In Ps CS6 it was possible to create a web photo gallery, where do I find this function in Ps CC and Bridge?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The old Photoshop Web Photo Gallery will not work with Photoshop CC the plug-in used no longer is compatible with  Adobe's changed Photoshop plug-in support. You will find the same to be true for Adobe Picture Package Plug-in. You need to find something else to use or keep CS6 handy.


          All that Adobe supplies for Photoshop users now are the output modules in LR and  Bridge. I do not use LR and seldom do I use the Bridge.  I find the Bridge Output Module Web Galleries can not be customized like Photoshop old Web Galleries. So I now use a Photoshop Script that Jeff developed for the SimpleViewer Web Gallery viewer to generate Web Galleries.  I hacked Jeff's script to support the meta data fields that Photoshop Web Photo Galleries used and add support for EXIF data and the WS-slideshow viewer. 


          I was not a fan of Flash Galleries however SimpleViewer and WS-Slideshop perform well and have more capabilities then Adobe used. And they will resize large web images to fit within the users browser's current window size.  I do not care if some mobile devices lack flash and can not view my galleries. 


          Example   If you look at the example hover the mouse over the bottom of an image to use the gallery UI.

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            Springbjerglund Level 1

            Thanks JJ Mack