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    Hyperlink linking to the wrong page? (Indesign, Interactive PDF)


      Hi, I have a 7 page document in Indesign, it is the design of an app so buttons must link to other pages in the document.         

      I have been using Hyperlinks and all are working perfectly when exported as an Interactive PDF bar one. Do you have any idea why one of them would be linking to the incorrect page? I've deleted the hyperlink and re-linked but it always links to that same wrong page.


      I did move around some of the pages in the "pages" area after creating the hyperlinks but I presumed that if assigning the object to hyperlink to page 5, it would always link to whatever is on page 5. But instead it links to what I have as page 7. Could the problem be that I was wrong about this assumption?


      If so what would be the best way to reapproriate the hyperlinks. As I siad I tried deleting and re-assigning the hyperlinks.


      Thanks a million, Ailbhe