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    Custom CMIS Connector MoveHandler Cache issue


      Hi everybody.


      At the momment I'm working the custom CMIS connector, that should work only with Alfresco. Connector is almost done, but I'm having strange issue with MoveHandler. What happens is when I move file into another directory, and try to move it back, Windows Explorer display the message like the file already exists, and do I want to replace, rename or cancel moving. The same thing happens with moving folders. After initial move, asset is really moved, I checked on Alfresco, and also Adobe Drive displays that the asset is moved into right directory. So, probably there are some cache leftovers after first move. I followed next procedure: rename asset, than delete if exists in destination directory, than move, and than UpdateRecipe for destination object. I tried even to create delete recipe for original file, but it didn't help. Can anybody help me please?

      Thanks in advance