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    large "pop-up"




      here's what I want to do:


      I have a map with several locations indicated with a pin circle. Clicking a location pin circle animates a large "pop-up" that covers everything (I have a "close button" that removes the pop-up). The pop-up is a symbol.


      It all works ONLY when the pin circles are in a layer ABOVE the pop-ups >>> which is not good (cirles need to be covered when the pop-up is activated)


      When I put the pop-up in a layer UNDER the pin circles, it all works, but obviously the pin circles are visible and that's not good...




      Can anyone help me with this??



      thanks, j

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are several ways you could do this but my guess is that you could change the z-index of your pins and pop-ups on the click events.

          on circle click



          on popup buttons:



          The value of the z-index depends on where your layers are.


          But not seeing your files, it is hard to say if this would work.

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