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    ADE library sync




      I have ADE in two different machines, at  my office and at my house.

      Is there a way to keep both libraries syncronized?

      I mean, if I buy an e-book and open it at my house, is it possible to have it automaticaly at office?


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          sjpt Level 4

          You could set up Dropbox, Google Drive or similar to sync them (assuming you can access such services at your office).


          You may need to move the ADE libraries to another location (eg maybe from Documents/My Digital Editions to Dropbox/My Digital Editions)

          and then make a directory junction so it can also be seen by ADE as in its original location.

          eg on an Admin command line

          mklink /d "%userprofile%\documents\My Digital Editions" "%userprofile%\dropbox\My Digital Editions"

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            avboas Level 1

            Hi sjpt


            Thanks for your kind reply.

            It is a good idea.