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    Prem10: Preview video stutters when adding a title



      Just starting to get used to Elements after running Pro for a couple of years. Lot´s of stuff works really well but one thing bothers the *** out of me.

      When editing everything runs fine and smooth even pretty heavy stuff like 3D transitions.

      But as soon as I ad a title, the preview stutters really bad until I do a render. Is this normal? I mean if 3D transitions runs smooth without rendering I would expect a simple text title to be a peace of cake for the software.


      Tried to add different types of titles with or without effects and transitions but it stills stutters like crazy until i render.

      Running the same material and un-rendered titles in Premiere Pro CS5 on the same PC is no problem.


      Is there any setting that I've missed maybe?


      Thanks for any help and input on this one!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What video card does your computer use? NVIDIA?


          If so, please check out the current epidemic of Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA video cards issue that is characterized by a fix of rolling back the video card driver instead of assuring that you have the lastest video card driver.




          Does rendering the Timeline resolve the problem? If so, that would be expected.


          Please review and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.




          Add On...The NVIDIA issue to which I am referring is specific to Premiere Elements 10 users who have NVIDIA video cards.

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            torbjorn68 Level 1

            Thanks for answering so quickly!


            It's a HP 8540w notebook with Nvidia Quadro FX 880M card. And yes, rendering fixes the issue. So that is normal? Just found it a bit strange that heavy 3d transitions work without rendering while simple titles stutter...


            I'll give a driver rollback a try and see what happens though.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              We will be watching for further developments. Most of the NVIDIA video cards involved have been from the GeForce category.


              When you refer to "simple titles", what would be the attributes of this simple title?


              More later.



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                torbjorn68 Level 1

                With a simple title I mean one line of white text (areal black)  without any transition on top of a single videotrack, also without effects or transitions.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Given you have created your simple 5 second one line white text (Arial font...I do not see a choice for Areal Black or Arial Black font). No more, no less. When you create such a title and it is automatically placed on the Timeline by the Titler process, there is no red line over it...meaning you are getting the best possible preview of what you are seeing in the Edit Mode Monitor. Consequently, there is nothing to render. If you had subsequently added certain effects, OK I would expect the opportunity then to be able to render. But, you say no effects. So that the latter does not apply to your situation.


                  I am left to assume that you have 5 second video on Video 1 and have created your 5 second simple text title on Video 2 directly above the Video 1 content. Even if the Video 1 content is rendered (no colored line or green over its content) before you created the title, once the title goes over Video 2, there will be a red line over the entire 5 second portion of the Timeline.


                  Whether you render the 5 second Video 1 by itself or with the Title over it, the frame by frame rendering process still processes for 5 seconds (2699 frames, based on a 30 frames per second setup). But, you are not going to get the same preview file generated

                  a. for the video by itself

                  b. for the title by itself

                  c. for the video with the title over it


                  If you are doing a HD project, you will have a different file for each of a, b, and c. The file (whether for a video or still or title render) will be MPEG2.mpg video with frame size 960 x 540 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second.


                  Based on all of the above, I would suspect that you are not just working with the render of a simple text title, but with the render (getting the best possible preview) for video with text over.


                  Your report that rendered of your Timeline content resolves your problems.


                  Explore those thoughts and see what you get when you look at this first hand. Maybe change the video source under the title and note the affect. Preview files generated can be looked at Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/ if they are in the default location.


                  Please review, and we can discuss this further if necessary.