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      i have a form that when loaded just contains a combo box with an event listener on it, watching out for when it's changed. depending on the value it is changed to, it loads other form elements to be completed. however, one of these elements will always appear, no matter what the choice....

      var newForm_dateOrd = home.createClassObject(DateField, "newForm_dateOrd", 7);

      my problem with this object happens when you change the combo box a second time. the change eventListener starts off by removing everything from the form using removeMovieClip (including that DateField object) then loads new fields appropriate for their choice, which like i said, will always contain that same DateField. after they've changed the combo box the second time, the DateField drop down calendar works, but when you select a date it doesn't populate into the text box.

      what am i doing wrong? my thinking is the first DateField object isn't actually getting removed when the combo box is changed. should i be using something besides removeMovieClip to get rid of it?