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    Sprite and Music Help

      Hi im doin a project at uni for a touch screen kiosk and i need abit of help if anyone is willing.

      Firstly: the application has transparent bublles with text behind them as buttons, i wat to make the bubles move around a little but im having trouble keeping the text locked behind the bubble i was wondering if there is a way to lock to text and bubble together? and also any help with how to animate the bubbles would be great.

      Secondly: Ive created seperate movies for each page of the applicaiton, with a main page where the buttons load up the others, i was wondering if the was any way of keeping a music track playing throughout the different movies.

      any help would be greatly appricated, thanks all
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          1) In order to have the text sprites move the same way that the bubble
          sprites move, just do something like this:

          --this goes on the text sprite
          property pBubbleDistance

          on beginSprite me

          on exitFrame me

          2) In order to have the sound track play amongst all your movies, the
          best way is to NOT make different exe projectors for each movie.
          Instead, save them as dcr (shockwave) or dxr (protected). Then instead
          of opening the exe using the open command, you can use the "go movie"
          command. That way not only will the audio stay working, but you can
          share global variables amongst the programs and everything is more
          seemless to the user.
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            StudentBum Level 1
            thanks for the help mate, can you give me an exmaple of this "go movie" command please i cant seem to find it. thanks again.