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    Livecycle Form update - missing XML


      I'm very new to Livecycle forms so please bear with me.

      We have a couple forms that I am trying to update and the problem we experience exists in all of them.

      If the form is updated to add a name to a dropdown (for example) or a field is deleted the "submit" buttons stop working.


      I first discovered the issue where names were added to a dropdown and the buttons would no longer do anything. The buttons should submit the data from the form and when I went into the XML view to compare the code I noticed that sections are missing from the updated form. The older form worked as intended. I had someone show me their process to update and they simply add the name to the dropdown dialog in the WYSIWYG side, save the form and save it as reader extended in Acrobat.


      I know this is pretty vague but I was hoping that someone could get me started toward a solution. I wouldn't think I would have to edit the XML every time.


      Livecycle 4 (previously with 2 - I just updated)

      Windows 7

      Adobe Acrobat 11