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    CC Trial Cancellation (I'm Using Ubuntu And Took Risk)


      Is it too late to cancel a trial version of Creative Cloud? I thought I'd download an application but I thought Photoshop could be run within a browser, which is my mistake and a huge bummer that I took a risk. I've been Windows-free since last November of 2012... Oh well.


      And I do apologize if I post in the wrong forum. I'm completely brand new to Creative Cloud, but wasn't new to Adobe products since the days of college (late 2010) and vacational school (late 2012-2013).


      Or should I let it expire since I cannot use any of the CC applications? It would have been nice if Adobe website could detect if I'm running in Ubuntu before I register for a trial version. I felt happy that I decide to try it before I spend $10/month just so I can run Photoshop "in the cloud."