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    What are your storage configurations?

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi all,

      Since the new Mac Pros wont be conducive to internal large storage solutions (at least that's what I'm under the impression of). I want to pose the question of what external SANs or such configurations people are successfully using these days. I guess this is not just a Mac question, since most external solutions can be either Mac or PC.


      I have an internal 6TB RAID for my Mac Pro that I use now. I back that up using Time Machine, to an external 6TB drive.


      I would like some input on what people favor vs. not favor, in order to prepare for my next edit system we will be installing once the new Mac Pros come out. I strictly use PrP for my edits along with AE for graphic work and big compositing jobs. I have plug ins like Red Giant and FX Factory that can be render intensive. We also do large pixle dimension jobs (for example 7200x1080). So the faster and larger the better, obviously.


      On a side note....how are people backing up their projects? Are you using Project Manager in PrP to break down only the files used in the edit? Or are you just taking everything across using a software backup program or just dragging projects with Finder to a backup drive? Are you separating your project files from the media into separate HD's...etc???



      Thanks for your input,