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    Destination Path Too Long - InDesign CC Deployment - Altiris

    NeedmesomeJava Level 1

      Hi I am trying to package InDesign for deployment through Symatec Altiris 7.1 Console. The problem is InDesign appears to have really deep folder structure that is causing Windows to have a problem if you try to store the installer anywhere else except close to the root of C:

      12-16-2013 2-24-32 PM.png


      This is a problem for deployment solutions because it will download the installer files to a cache location here, and I belive this is where the folder contraint issue is happening.

      C:\program files\altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareMnagment\SoftwareDelivery\cache


      Currently the issue I have found is specific only to InDesign.