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    Packaging Icons

      having difficulty packaging icons for export of a Flex AIR desktop project.

      1) put the icons using default name AIRApp_16.png in a directory called icons.
      2) uncommented the .xml entries
      3) Add the icons folder to the project build path.

      many possible permutations of steps 1, 2, and 3 do not survive an export, which most often produces a ERROR 303.


      - Van
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          lvwarren Level 1
          I solved this problem, but like the "showFlexChrome" gray bar bug, and the "please delete my desktop" bug, it took longer than it should have to resolve.

          The solution requires ALL three of the following:

          1) Add the directory containing the icons to the build path. The name is relative and will usually be short, like "icons" or "images". This is done by going to the Project --> Properties --> Flex Build Path --> Add Folder --> "Type the word 'icons' in the dialog box."

          2) in the .xml file, remove the prefix "icons/" from the image_16x16 entries.
          This is because they will be moved to bin automatically by the step 1 directive and they do not need the subdirectory.

          3) uncomment the image_16x16 and other... entries under the <icon> tag for as many icons as you have.

          - Van