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    Graphics Placement & Zoom

    PhotogCda Level 1

      I'm trying to insert images into a document.  The images are showing up at the end of the document rather than where I placed them.


      The steps I'm taking to insert the graphics are to create a rectangluar frame where I want it in the document.  I then use File>Place, select the image and place it in the frame.  I use the Fitting options to scale the image to fit the frame properly.  I'm using the Jump Object Text Wrap option.  On screen everything looks fine.  When I export the document to epub, the image that was inserted shows up at the end of the document rather than where it was initially inserted. 


      The other question I have is related to zoomable graphics.  In some ebooks, images can be clicked to zoom to a larger version.  How is that done?


      I have a book on InDesign but it doesn't address all of these things.


      Thank you.