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    How to control animation with touch


      Hello! I need some help with controlling animations with touch. I am building a fake app and need to 'unlock' an iphone (slide an arrow along a track and then have it fade into another page). I have been using http://forums.adobe.com/message/4865693 that thread. The prototype link listed there is similar to waht I need to recreate, but I think I need an 'on touch' actino instead of a mousemove one.



      That is a link to the Edge file I have been working on, using the info in the thread above. It is broken at the moment, and I am terrible with javascript and have no idea how to move forward. I have figured that I'll need an 'on touch' action instead of the mouseover one, but I'm not sure how to build it.


      If there is a working example of this on a different thread that I've missed I'd love a link as well!!


      Thank you!!