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    12.2, Imported PSD file, added pre-comp to timeline, pre-comp is blurry.

    TDRonline Level 1

      I just recently updated to 12.2 from 12.1.

      I've been working on a tutorial for my companies software which uses a lot of PSD Screenshot files.

      Today after updating AE:CC, I imported a section I forgot about which is a small 256x73px image @ 72dpi.

      After importing I dragged the pre-comp to my timeline and noticed it was blurry. Normally they're sharp because my render preview is Off for Final Quality and my Quality and Sampling is set for I assume is high.

      Is this a bug?


      Here is a screenshot of the issue:

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/7u4jdmqypu5i5qq/BlurryPSDComp.jpg (May need to download since Dropbox compresses images)


      Red shows the added comp which is blurry, while the light blue shows what it should look like(photoshop), nice and sharp.

      Added other screenshots slices of my current project to show Quality and Sampling and Fast Preview (Off).


      Did something change, do I need to change something in my preferences?