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    I may have misled people

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I just had a look at the membership pricing programs for the Creative Cloud as well as the single application membership, and I was surprised to see I hadn't read all the fine print.


      I've always thought that a company or person could subscribe to a single application on a month-by-month basis for $20/month. But that's not exactly the truth.


      If you want to purchase just a single application, such as InDesign, you have to sign up for a full year at $20x12.


      single app plan.png


      If you must make an annual commitment, then the price is $240/year. The monthly billings are deceptive as there is no way to purchase just one or two month's worth of the product. In fact, it doesn't look like even after the first year you can purchase it in monthly incremements. The committment is annual.


      Similarly, if you are a company and need to hire a few freelancers for two or three months, you don't get the $50/month price as that also requires an annual committment.


      cc one year.png


      You only have the $75/month option for one or two months.


      cc monthly.png


      I admit it was my fault in not reading things more closely, but the options feel a little more restrictive now that I understand them.