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    InDesign CC Server Availability

    cculver Level 1

      First, thanks to all of you in here for taking a look at my question; I'm a newbie here and this question is a little below your level, but since I'm new I'm not really up to date on current releases. I've been trying, for the past few hours, to find out where I can get a non-trial version of InDesign CC Server. It seems that nobody in customer service or sales knows anything about the product. Nobody seems to know it even exists. I'm really confused. So, questions for those of you that may know something about the product:


      1) How much does the CC version cost when purchasing from Adobe? I am an developer trying to price out for my employer (<15 people). We have a solution we're running off of InDesign desktop CS4 but it's time to make the system faster and tighter and let the rest of our users use it.

      2) Is there a significant difference in functionality from InDesign CS6 Server?

      3) Why, in your opinion, doesn't anyone in customer service or sales know anything about this? Is it a dud product that nobody's buying and Adobe's not pushing? I was told multiple times that I need to contact a partner, but I'm not interested in any services the partners have to offer - I just want the software to not expire after 90 days and it's like pulling teeth trying to get someone knowledgeable.