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    New email doesnt open books



      the email i used for adobe digital editionsr no longer exists and with the new one im unable to read my e books,because i get the message that the books are under the previous email.What can i do?



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          sjpt Level 4

          Adobe DRM books are associated with an Adobe account; once accessed on a device registered to a given account they can't be used on a device registered to any other account.

          You must regain access to your old account and register your computer and other devices with it.

          You should not create a new account if you want to keep your old books.


          Each account has a permament internal ID, and is at any one time associated with an external email ID.

          The email does not need to be valid, (though it can only be verified if it is valid).

          For example, if you lose an email address for some reason or another, it doesn't mean that address is no longer associated with the Adobe account.


          The correct thing to do when you change email address is to associate the new email address with the old Adobe account.

          1. Login to the Adobe account using the old (now invalid) email address and old Adobe password.
          2. You can then goto Adobe ID/My Adobe ID and change the email address/external ID associated with the account.


          If you have already made a new Adobe account using your new email and registered computers and devices with it, you must ... ... ...

          1. Change the email address associated to your new Adobe account.  Until you have done this you can't do step 3.
            Many email providers allow variant addresses, such as fred@gmail.com and fred+adobe@gmail.com
            Those will be the same as far as google is concerned but different as far as Adobe is concerned.
          2. You can now abandon the new Adobe account
          3. Change the email address associated to your old Adobe account to your new email address.
          4. Deregister your computer from the new (now dead) Adobe account, using ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D if on a Mac)
          5. Deregister any ereader devices registered with the account,  using ctrl-shift-E (cmd-shift-E if on a Mac) to ADE with the device plugged in
          6. Reregister the computer with the old Adobe account, using the new email address with which you associated it in step 3
            (menu/Help/Authorize Computer, Library/Authorize Computer on the older more reliable v1.2.7)
          7. Reregister any ereaders
            (menu/Help/Authorize Device, Library/Authorize Device on v1.2.7)