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    Ordered and Unordered Lists viewed in WYSIWYG Editor in RoboHelp 10


      I recently upgraded a project from RH 9 ( to RH 10 ( Ordered and unordered lists display in the WYSIWYG Editor with more spacing around each line. When I generate the output to HTML Help, the spacing looks fine. I also tested generating output to WebHelp, and again, the output looks fine.


      I have paragraph and list styles defined in my style sheet that I apply to the text in the topic. I also looked at the styles in RH 10 and Media is set to "None."


      Using the Style Pod, I looked at the set up of the parapgraph and list styles. For those styles, (and my body text styles - which look fine in the WYSIWYG Editor) have spacing before and after spacing set. (NOTE: These styles were created in RH8 and the WYSIWYG Editor displayed the styles appropriately in RH8 and RH9.) Even though I changed the style sheet, the WYSIWYG Editor is still displaying more space around the styles then I am expecting.


      I know this is not a huge issue since the output looks fine, but I want to understand why the WYSIWYG Editor isn't working as I expect. I would like the editor to display with correct spacing.


      I attached a few screen captures showing what I see.

      RH9 WYSIWYG before upgrade.gif

      RH10 WYSIWYG without updated CSS.gif

      RH10 WYSIWYG with updated CSS.gif

      HTML Help Output

      HTML Output.gif

      Thanks in advance for your help.