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    Help file in Arabic

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      Help! I can't read Arabic and I need help with InDesign!!!


      The inDesign Help link under Help at the top of my screen (on an iMac) leads to a page in Arabic. Can't figure out how to change it.


      Went to the InDesign Support Center but that page is missing.


      Oh, Adobe! How can you be so useful and stupid at the same time!

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Willi – fortunately true for the help pages.


          The "normal" website's view is a different story. If I type in www.adobe.de, currently I will be redirected to www.adobe.com (US version).


          Right now it seems impossible for me to have both views in one browser, e.g. the American version in one tab and the German one in another tab. It seems that I could only switch to a different language version in the browser.


          Hm, currently I'm logged in with my Adobe ID and seeing the interface of Adobe's website (or this forum) in English; not even when using two different browsers like Firefox and Safari will get me two different languages on the same computer side by side (menu commands of website are in English, offers are for US customers).


          Hold on, only if I'm using Firefox (looking at this forum: "forums.adobe.com/thread/") and Google Chrome, I will not be redirected to "adobe.com" (seeing the offers for US customers) if I type in "adobe.de" in the address field. With using Safari and Firefox side by side, I will be redirected every time.


          Time for removing some cookies?





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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Uwe, for the help files I don't need to be logged in with my ID. And I can open the help file side by side in several languages.


            BTW. The new log in drives me gracy. My E-Mail ID ends with .name but this site wants to change it to .com automatically, everytime when I log in.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Willi – no problems with the help sites (in English and German), both side by side, with me.

              Just the plain Adobe web site (eg. the main page or the sub pages in the developer section with totally different contents per language [I exaggerate a bit here]) are only visible in the one or in the other language per browser. Never side by side in different languages in the same browser.


              The new log in? Funny…
              I'm logging in with my .de address and the log in window always asking: "do you mean .net?"