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    Simple game question

      I have simple game stage with pieces set in flash. Now is it possible that I code in Flex to move my pieces in flash SWF or any idea how to do this. hope you get my point.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          What you are trying to do is straightforward enough, but we would need more information on what you have. You could have your chess pieces as images, and the board as well, or you could create the board using Flex drawing functions. Then you could code the behavior of the game using ActionScript.
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            lordali Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I have board and pieces in PNG format (images) set in Flash 8 (downloaded trial version of Flash CS3 pro) . Now instead of using flash I want to use Flex (as developer in other languages) to code AS to move my pieces etc.

            So basically I want to use Flash to set my board with images and Flex to code the behavior of game somehow calling the pieces etc from Flash SWF file?

            any suggestion will be helpful


            What if I use Flex + AS only to make my board and pieces (images) and code the behavior of game instead of using Flash. Is it possible. Any example on that?

            Thanks alot
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              I'm a little confused about the board and pieces. You seem to indicate they are "set in Flash", but as they are .png they are just images correct? If so then what program used to create the images is irrelevant. I would use Flex for the behavior of the game, because it was created primarily to get around the limitations of the Flash timeline. Flash programs execute a timeline, which is fine for small animations, but for programs (like your game), an event based model is necessary. So create the images in any program, and then code the behavior in Flex.
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                lordali Level 1

                Thanks for the reply again. ok let me try one more time to explain. Forget flash right now.

                I have Chess board and pieces png images separately. Now I want to use those images and create a chess game. Is it possible in Flex that I can make chess game from above images?

                like this game http://www.newsandentertainment.com/zfchess.html

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                  Gregory Lafrance Level 6
                  That game in the link you gave is kool! Addictive like sudoku. You can do that in flex. Ya just gotta code the logic in AS.