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    How can I capture video on Mac that works in Windows Premiere Elements?


      Hello. My PC doesn't have a FireWire device since the FireWire card doesn't fit after I installed 2 video cards for crossfire, so the on,y way to capture video with my HD camera is on my Mac through FireWire. The problem is that the video files captured on

      Mac don't work in Windows. My ideal setup is one where I use the Mac simply to capture, and I tell the video programs such as QuickTime, or iMovie, to save the captured video on my pc (since my pc and Mac are connected via Ethernet). However, how can I capture in a way that makes video files compatible with windows, without resorting to having to convert the videos every time? If I install premiere elements in my Mac, will it be able to capture in a way that makes videos compatible with premiere elements on my PC?