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    text is not equal to the contents of a prop list

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I wonder if there is any way to translate the following code:

      (tText <> gRealAnswers2[#a] AND tText <> gRealAnswers2[#b] ):

      to something like

      If tText is not equal to any of the contents of the gRealAnswers2 property list. Also, this code:

      (tText = gRealAnswers2[#a]):

      -- do something

      (tText = gRealAnswers2[#b]):

      --do somethign else

      to if tText = to the position of the first item of the property list then "do something". If tText = to the position of the second item of the property list then "do something else"

      Here is my property list:

      gRealAnswers2 = [#a:"three",#b:"four"]

      and my tText = member("test").text -- or the text of member test on my stage.

      Please forgive me If what i am asking is not possible, it is the first time that i am using these property lists and I feel a bit confused!

      Many thanks for all the great help so far!