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    Urgent Question:Indesign won't start up


      the program indesign from CS5 Design premium has decided to just stop opening & running. I've re installed it 2x. It won't accept updates. this is ridiculous. Pay a lot for the programs so its not fun when they just stop working.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional
          • What operating system are you running on?


          • Has anything changed on your system from when it was running?


          • Did you install other software? plug-ins? can you remove these?


          • Have you tried a system reboot?




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            Some of my suggestions


            • If you are using windows OS, you can try opening the application as "Run as Administrator".
            • while installing the Design premium, did you install the full pack or just InDesign. try installing full pack or vise versa.
            • check for the system requirement before installing the software.
            • login to your system as admin and try installing it again.
            • if anything did not work, try installing it in another computer. If it works then the issue could be in your OS. you can format and install the OS again.
            • last chance is contact Adobe support.


            hope it helps.