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    Preferences Scratch Disc Media Cache Reverting Back to Custom?

    head spin

           I have PrE9 and several different external hard drives. Per Bill Hunts suggestion to me in one of my other posts I direct the whole project to whichever drive I want to use. I only use one drive at a time so I don't have stuff split up. This leaves the program to run on computer and project on the external.

            When I start a project and set preferences I directed everything to be saved Same As Project. I noticed two things happening when I set the media cache in Preferences>Scratch Discs>Media Cache.

           If I used the Browse option and pointed it to the project folder in the external drive I didn't pay attention/notice any change/problem, BUT when I would start a totally new project I noticed that the media cache would still be pointed at the last project. If I would redirect it to the new project then worked ok.

           The second set of circumstances is Weird. I was having glitches with PrE starting normally and running normally. I thought maybe the external drive was having connection problems so I pulled the whole project folder and pasted it to another drive. I was still having problems so for some reason I checked preference and the Media Cached had reverted back to App Data Roaming (Custom), the default location. So I had some media cache files in the external drive and some in App Data. I don't know if this is the total problem with the glitches but I needed a break so I shut the computer down.

           I read a few posts where people had this problem some time back, but I missed if there was a solution. The easiest thing to do would be to leave it to the default App Data location. The other thing to do would be to point it to the project folder using the Browse function and then when starting a new project (or if I have moved a project from one drive to another) redirect the media cache to the new location?

           Anyway, why won't the media cache file stay Same As Project? Why do we have to reset it each time we open a project back up? At this point I am going to pull the avi out of the project I am working on, (it imported ok) delete the project, and create a new one and see what happens.

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          Sorry guys,

               I know you're busy answering more critical posts but I have an update to my situation. It appears that for some reason PrE9 has selected another custom location for Media Cache so I now have a folder in User\Adobe\ PremiereElements9\MediaCache. I have 3 locations or maybe more. Anyway, Questions.

               1 What is the importance/function of the media cache

               2 If the media cache is not found (for whatever reason) when reopening a project, does the program recreate it? Is that why sometimes I see the bar on the right above the timeline randomly saying "Generating Peak File,etc", when it has already generated a peak file previously? Also is there information lost from a previous session with a project if the cache is recreated?

               3 In the Edit>Preferences>General there is a Media Cache setting. There is also a "clean" option which I had never seen before which clears the AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\MediaCache folder. I have never used this function. There is a ton of stuff in there. What problems with older projects if I clear that out now?

               Part of the reason for these questions is that I opened a new project and imported which inserted to the timeline. When I reopened the project later there was nothing on the timeline or sceneline. Like it wanted me to reinsert the media into the project. The media is still in the project folder by the way.