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    Mike1249 Level 1

      I export jpeg files from InDesign and send them as email attachments. When these attachments are opened they are too small on the screen. How do I get them to use the whole screen?


      - Mike

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Mike – is it a problem on the recipient's side?

          Or do you automatically "shrink" your JPEG files when sending per Mail? Could be a preference in your mail app.

          Compare the byte count of your original file with the file the recipient can open and save.


          Also: did you try to zip the JPEGs before sending? That would retain resolution, too.


          Do you have Acrobat Pro installed?

          You could transform one JPEG file into a one page PDF; or a bunch of them into a multi-page PDF and control (to an extend) how the PDF is visible in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. To less an extend maybe, if the recipient is using a different PDF reader.


          In Acrobat 9 Pro (also in X and avove) you could simply open a JPEG and save the resulting PDF.

          In "Document Properties/Initial View" you could customize magnification and other properties.


          Also go to "File/Create PDF"; there are various options.


          And – maybe the best – in Acrobat Pro see:

          "File/Combine/Merge Files into a single PDF".

          You could also drop JPEGs in and combine a bunch of them to a multi page PDF.