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    recommended approach to flex in a portal environment

      I want to use the Flex swf in portal (JBOSS/ websphere/ liferay etc). This Portal will have 5-6 tabs and will have many portlets inside one tab for different functionality. And the options I have are -
      1. To develop the complete portal in Flex
      2. To create the tab pages in flex and put them as page on one portlet and then one tab will have one portlet.
      3. To have the separate swf files in every portlet of every page of every tab.

      Basically what is the recommended approach to flex in a portal environment? Which one is recommended and what are the pros and cons over each other.

      Link to default JBOSS Portal page - http://portal.demo.jboss.com/portal/default/default
      Where each window that have the minimize button at top right is called as portlet

      Other thing is what are the pros and cons of having one swf app vs many swf files in one html/JSP page. And what is the overhead on the browser?