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    .cpd file is corrupted.

    SangyD Level 1
      Hi All,

      When I am trying to open a project in RH6 I am getting a warning message that “Your project file, C:\@InfolinxWeb\Version2.4\Web\RoboHelp\Infolinx Web Help.cpd, is corrupt and cannot be opened. Try deleting this file and reopening the xpj”

      I have no idea why I am getting this error.

      What is .cpd file used for?

      What should I do? I am afraid to open my project!

      Can anybody who knows about this problem help me on that?

      Sincerely appreciate your quick responce
        • 1. .cpd file is corrupted.
          Apparently CPD stands for Complaints Desk Script but I have no idea what it does. I Googled it but even the sites that exist to explain file extensions don't really tell a lot. You can try this link and see if it says more to you than it does to me:


          Google did lead me to a page on Peter Grainge's site that seems like it could be related.


          I hate to state the obvious, but did you try what the error message suggested and delete the offending .cpd file and then try reopening the xpj file? If you are hesitant to actually delete it, just move it out of the relevant directory and try opening the project again.
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            lmarden Level 2
            check out the thread at the link below, which ran its course earlier today.

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi all

              I'm just hazarding a guess here, but I believe "CPD" may mean "Cache Project Database". As described in the other thread, it is a Microsoft Access database file. Versions of RoboHelp HTML prior to X5 (I think) used the same file, but in those versions it was known as a .MPJ file. This was replaced in later years by the .XPJ file (XML project file) and the .MPJ was renamed to .CPD.

              Cheers... Rick
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                SangyD Level 1
                Thank you all so much for taking time out to help me with the problem. Thanks again for the quick response.

                Unfortunately, the problem is still not resolved!

                Here are the steps I took:

                I copied the old .cpd file from the project folder and pasted it to the desktop.

                I opened the .cpd file in Access and compacted & repaired it, ignoring all the complaints of Access including the converting to a current version.

                With the result my cpd file size was changed from 604 KB to 412 KB.

                I renamed the original .cpd file in the project folder and copied the compacted desktop file back into the project folder.

                Finally, I opened the project xpj file in RH. Still getting the same message “Your project file, C:\@InfolinxWeb\Version2.4\Web\RoboHelp\Infolinx Web Help.cpd, is corrupt and cannot be opened. Try deleting this file and reopening the xpj”. I click Ok on that message. Another message comes up “Open project was cancelled or the application was unable to load database for ‘C:\@InfolinxWeb\Version2.4\Web\RoboHelp\Infolinx Web Help.cpd’ ”, click Ok to that message and no project has opened.

                What am I missing?

                * FYI: I wanted to let you know that my project is attached to Visual Source Safe directly, although I don’t think up to this point its making any difference.
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                  lmarden Level 2
                  try the usual repair method detailed at Peter's link, above. It is simply to rename or delete the old CPD file and let the program rebuild it. But review the full instructions and warnings. As I said in yesterday's thread, RH6 was not all that cooperative at all for me when it came to dealing with a corrupt CPD - I had to revert back to RH5, fix the file there, and then just skipped RH6 and went to RH7. All is working just spiffily now. Good luck in RH6 - I wasn't impressed with that version at all.
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                    Compacting the database reduces its size and repairs it but I believe that is simply in respect of making it a valid database. If the data itself is screwed, it will not fix that. So sometimes compacting will work with RH and sometimes it will not. When it does not, recreating it is necessary.

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                      SangyD Level 1
                      Thanks a lot for your feedback! Keeps me going!

                      Here is what i have done, i think it seems to be working but i would feel better to get assured from you experts, please.

                      Steps I took:

                      In the project folder i only had one old .cpd file which I renamed.

                      I opened the project in Robohelp, fortunately, I was able to do that. With the result, in Explorer i checked that four new files were created with the following extensions - .cpd (with the smaller size i had before, its from 604KB to 490KB), .pss, .hhp and .ldb (Microsoft Office Access Record-Locking Information).

                      And also, according to Peter's instructions after the project was successfully opened I generated the .chm output.

                      The .chm help file looks fine. Although, I am not seeing all the topics in TOC. The reason might be because the TOC was not updated in my project! However, in RH my project seems to be looking the same as before.

                      Is there anything else i need to make sure?