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    Export format


      Can InDesign documents produced using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite be converted to json or xml formats?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Thussego – well, if we consider IDML as some  well ordered XML files inside a file/folder structure of a zip archive we already have one answer, if we export to IDML and un-zip the file.


          ADPS (Adobe Digitial Publishing Suite), that means, the applied properties of all the Overlay Objects that come with ADPS, will leave their traces as comments inside the XML structure of the IDML.


          Or do you mean Folio files as well?
          Adobe will publish the technical specification for the .folio format under a free license soon.


          Why are you asking?



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            Thussego Level 1

            Thank you Laubender, I am working on a project were I have to migrate magazine content generated using Indesign into a a custom made content management system then into a native mobile application. The custome made content management system can injest json, xml and csv file formats.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Thussego – I'm not sure if you ever looked inside an IDML file. "Normally" there is no image data present, only absolute links are set to the original files. I don't know what the customer would like to see on the frontend.


              Rendered assets he could customize and would chose from to build a layout?


              Then I suggest you have a look at InDesign Server and PrintUI.com:




              Here an implemented example: