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    Problem with hyperlink to a file




      I have created an interactive pdf that is intended to be our interactive Table of Contents for our server. The files listed in the table of contents are linked to the files that are on the server. I thought that hyperlinks to files directed the file to open in its native application? If this is in fact the case, then I'm not sure what I am doing wrong because my files are opening with Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox. I would really like these files to open with their native application, so if anyone can offer some help that would be awesome!


      Thank you :-)

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          It should work, though Indesign can not create hyperlinks in PDFs that link to actual files (action "Open file"), but only link to web adresses starting with file: protocol handler.

          Means, if you export your PDF from Indesign, no matter if Print or Interactive, and then open in Acrobat and check the hyperlink properties, it says "Open hyperlink". If you click it, it is handled depending on you system settings. In your case, files open in browser. In my case (tried with linking PDF to PDF), it worked as expected.


          But you could edit the link in Acrobat to "Open file" and voila - it works. Problem is, it is annoyingly cumbersome to edit every link in Acrobat.

          I just tried to avoid hyperlinks to files in my documents.

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            Katie S

            Hi there


            I have this exact same prloblem as well. You mentioned that depending on your system settings the files will open either in your browser or in their native application. How can I change these settings so that the files open in their native application as opposed to modifying each link in Acrobat?


            Thank you.