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    Problem Importing a PDF into Indesign CC

    unioman Level 1

      We don't usually have this problem with InDesign CC, but this came at a very bad time and I'm not sure if it is a bug in InDesign CC or not. We were given a PDF from an auditor of a client to bring into their financial report. The strange thing is that we were only able to bring in pages on left pages, any page that was brought in on the right hand page did not show. In fact, if we copied a page that showed up on the left page and moved it to the right page, it would not show it.


      Fortunately we still have CS6 and we were able to place the same PDF with no problem. So we had to save the document into a CS6 format and then insert the PDF.


      I don't know what would have caused this, but we haven't had problems with other PDFs. It seems that there was something about that PDF that InDesign CC didn't like (but that CS6 was able to handle).


      Any ideas?