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    Opening PDF files that are posted on our website

    SPittman Level 1

      I create a monthly newsletter using inDesign 5.0.   Since I switched to inDesign, I've had mixed results from users opening the files.  There is nothing that I can pinpoint as the problem.  For some users, the file will open right away in the browser in IE.  For others (myself included), it will not open in the browser, but will open if I deselect the option to open Adobe files in the browser.  It opens in adobe reader.  For some people, it will open fine using Firefox or Chrome.  For others it doesnt open at all, but generates an error.  Yesterday, it did not open for one user who has Reader XI.  I downloaded the file and into Adobe X Pro and resaved it and it now works for him, but freezes for others.  The most common symptom is that it doesn't completely download. 


      My users who are opening this file are not sophisticated at all.  Many of them have trouble simply operating a computer.  If I tell them they need to install another browser or change Adobe reader settings I'm going to have a major outcry. 


      Does anyone have any idea what is causing this random issue and what I can do to resolve it?  I patched inDesign yesterday to the most recent version and if I have to go to CC, I will, but I really need the majority of my readers to be able to open this document without a problem. 


      Once I create the document, I Export to Adobe (print).  I'm wondering if it has to do with compatibility, because the default compatibility is set to Adobe 6.  But without some consistent test results, I'm hard pressed to figure it out.


      The document is at www.squarethru.com and it's the Dec 2013 newsletter (top left nav pane).  Any help I can get would be greated appreciately.