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    unload variable?

      I want to load difference thumbs (pictures) in the movieclips but he remembers other thumbs from my last action. The thumbs from my last action is not present in my new textfile. How can I solve this problem? The only solution that I can think of is unload the variable.. but how can you do that?

      This example is from one line actionscript that I use for every new action (page) for loading the thumbs into the movieclip. thumb_1.tholder = _root.holder1;

      _root.holder1; is used for the textfile and is for example, &holder1=img/autonoom/thumb_01.jpg&
      In the movieclip he translate tholder into, loadMovie(tholder, this.thumb_holder.holder); And now he loads the picture.
      This way I have to give only the thumbs numbers (thumb_1) and I can use one thumb-movieclip.
      If the variable is missing I use ,
      if (!tholder) {
      This hide-script won't help if tholder already is loaded from my last action...

      I hope you can help my, I'm trying my butts of.