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    HTTPService Question

      Ok, I am trying write a Flex application that utilizes web services provided by Siebel OnDemand. The first thing I need to is log into the site by making an HTTP GET request to the following URL:


      As part of this HTTP GET requeste, I have to send the UserName and Password as part of the request header.

      Here is what I have initially:
      <mx:HTTPService id="loginService"
      url="https://secure-ausomxbea.crmondemand.com/Services/Integration?command=login" />

      I know that there is a parameter i can set that is called "headers", but I don't know exactly how to pass both the UserName and Password. Does anyone have any tutorials they can provide with setting the actual request headers?

      Yeah...i know....i probably didn't ask my question very well.

      Thanks for any help,
      - Jon