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    Deleting Digital Signature and Read Only Features Become Edit-able fields again


      I have set up a tiered exceptions for an Adobe PDF document.  The first person signs and certain fields become read only.  The next person to sign in the tier signs the document and if he/she Clears Signature then the document reverts back to all fields becoming EDIT-ABLE again--even after the first person in the tier signed and their signature is still present.  I need this NOT TO BE THE CASE.  The document is set so that the employee can fill the form out and upon signing all fields--except those I set with EXCEPTIONS--should become UN-EDIT-ABLE.  If the Supervisor gets the document, signs and then decides to CLEAR HIS SIGNATURE--the employee's sections become EDIT-ABLE again.  This defeats the purpose of the employees' signature.  I need the document to revert back to only the fields the Supervisor had access to if he/she CLEARS there signature.