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    external interface

    GregConnTelevirtual Level 1

      I'm having a problem when viewing my swf on MAC OSX specifically safari browser. The swf uses external interface and makes regular calls to javascript functions. It works perfectly on pc's but not on MAC OS X.

      It seems flash is simply not following its own timing rules when (and only when) it is ALSO making frequent Javascript calls. I have tried using a differnt timing method, setInterval(), so not onEnterFrame, which fixed some problems but introduced more.

      The problem is definitely related to the frequency of calls to Javascript. In swf's that don't call it, nothing goes wrong.
      My guess at the time was that each Javascript call somehow 'releases'
      the timer, advancing it directly to the next thing to do.

      Has anyone come accross this problem before and no of a fix or has any ideas, i'm open to suggestions.

      thanks in advance