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    Why does a b/w JPEG become overexposed when I place a PNG in the same file?


      I'm creating a black-and-white ad in InDesign. The background is a JPEG edited in Photoshop (converted to grayscale, cropped, added two black rectangles, one on top, one on bottom with a gradient). I added multiple text boxes and then went to place one of three logos (created and saved in Illustrator as PNG-24) into the file. As soon as I place it anywhere in the document -- on top of the JPEG, four inches away from the JPEG, anywhere -- the JPEG goes to maximum brightness and looks terrible. If I add the logo as a JPEG, everything is fine. The problem is that the logo needs to have a transparent background, which you can only get with a PNG as far as I know. I also tried saving the background JPEG as a PNG, but it comes out similarly overexposed. What do I do??