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    Add interaction to the end of a video

    CBecker Level 1

      I have a client that wants to have a video be used as an instructional video. The video will be visible on the internet - on the company website. The client wants someone to view the entire video then have the ability to fill out a form and not go to the form before reaching the end of the video. The form will be for the user to request a certificate. I know that with YouTube videos, you can add interactive elements / links within the video, like at the end. We would like to do this as well but not use a YouTube video. The client doesn't want the YouTube logo at all (we can make it invisible, but it still shows up on rollover).


      So is there a way to add an interactive element (button or text link) at the end of a video that can be embedded in a web page that isn't shown until the end of the video?


      We are showing videos using the JWPlayer (WordPress site).

      I could have done this in a Flash (SWF) file that has a video but we want to let tablets and mobiles see the video.

      An alternate direction is to use a JQuery function that sets a button as disabled until a certain amount of time expires.

      I also thought about putting a video within a PDF.


      I'd love to hear about any thoughts or possible directions you would suggest.


      Thanks! Chris