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    PrE 12 - How to apply an effects mask to all clips


      I’m hoping someone can explain how to apply an effects mask to all the clips simultaneously.  The area to be blurred out is the same in all the clips.  It would be easier and more accurate if there was a way to create one mask, which would cover all the clips.


      I tried adding a mask to the first clip and then dragged (expanded) it to the end of all the clips, but in doing so, the set of clips was converted to one single clip.  I need to be able to edit further within the individual clips.


      I also tried using a Video Adjustment Layer, but it does not allow for precise editing of the area which is affected. 


      I would be most grateful, if you could explain how to accomplish what I need to do.


      Thank you for your time, consideration and help!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no way I know of to apply an Effects Mask to more than one clip at a time.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Based on the information of 40 video clips on your Premiere Elements 12 and you wanting to get rid of or obscure a spot on each in about the same location, I have revised my thinking on how to for this one.


            I am taking Effects Mask and Adjustment Layer out of the equation and replacing them with a shape created in the Titler/Shapes.


            Start with the Timeline Indicator at the first frame of the first video clip.


            Create a title in the Titler. The title will go on Video 2. This title will consist of a shape created in the Titler/Shapes to cover just the spot.

            a. The shape can be given a color in the Shapes Color Properties dialog to help it blend in. The shape will exist on a transparent background.

            b. Once the Titler is closed, the Opacity of the title (shape) can be adjusted. If necessary, a blur applied to the title file.


            When all is finished, then just drag the title so that its duration matches the total duration for the 40 video clips.


            If you have to edit the shape, double click the title anywhere to open the Titler.


            Is that a viable plan for what you would like to do?


            I think that this approach is earier than trying to work through Effects Mask and Adjustment Layer in this particular instance.




            Add On....There is also the Track Matte approach that I would probably consider before Effects Mask and Adjustment Layer for this.